It’s a nice day for a… wet wedding

Couple get hitched under the sea

Getting married in a church is so last century. These days couples are finding increasingly inventive ways to tie the knot, with the latest ceremony to hit the news being that of Chris and Janet Wright, who recently exchanged vows 12 metres under the sea in the Maldives.

The couple, who perhaps unsurprisingly enjoy scuba diving, opted to swim down the aisle, and as speaking their vows would have been impractical on so many levels, they held up signs at the big moment which read: ‘I do’.

Speaking to the press, Mrs Wright, 58, said: “It was totally amazing. They’d created a whole stage area with a swinging seat. It was magical. There were curtains and flowers and a big welcome sign. I couldn’t imagine a better setting for our wedding.”

Mr Wright, 63, said: “I was hoping she wouldn’t keep me waiting at the alter – if she had been too long I might have run out of air. It was just awesome and well worth doing.”

After the ceremony the newlyweds emerged back to the surface for a catamaran tour, then changed into dry clothes and headed to Centara Grand Island, where they had champagne and cake.

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