Karl Pilkington gets Twix coffin while investigating Ghana death cultures

Well what else would an idiot abroad do?

‘What you’re about to see is mental, so if you can’t handle weird, f***ing watch something else,’     --- Pilkington.

As the star of An Idiot Abroad Karl Pilkington has got up to some random stuff in his three-year idiot career. The kind of stuff us gappers can only dream of – massaging a pet hippo, hanging out with ancient tribes and the like.

But last night on the finale of The Moaning of Life on Sky1 you saw him meeting a custom coffin maker in Ghana. The coffin maker Eric Adjetey Anang has a workshop in the Teshie-Nungua area of Accra where he plys his trade as a coffin maker. It was here the once sheltered Pilkington found commissions for coffins shaped like prawns, chocolate éclairs and even hairdryers.

After much deliberation he decided to get a coffin for him and his wife Suzanne to share. He settles on the perfect dual resting place – a custom-made Twix shaped coffin. Sure his wife loved the idea of spending eternity lying like a chocolate covered biscuity and caramel finger, side by side with him.

Anang makes bespoke coffins for people who want their final home to represent something about them – he’s had requests for beer bottles, lobsters and pineapples. In Ghana death is a time of celebration and the related services are big business. Anang can sell his coffins for up to £2000, pretty much the average annual income.

The finale was due to air last month but was postponed by Sky1 following Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, as the episode featured footage of Pilkington visiting the country to discover how it deals with the concept of death.

So, bit dark, but what would be your ideal coffin shape?