101 Things to Do When You Survive 

Cancer survivor creates the ‘anti-bucket list’ 

When Greig Trout survived cancer twice, he decided to compile a less morbid list than the usual ‘101 things to do before you die’ style ones. In celebration of beating cancer, and to inspire others, 34-year-old Greig created a catalogue of 101 adventures he’d like to embark on, and set out to achieve them.

The former London Metropolitan Police crime scene investigator is part of the team behind Cancer Research’s Every Moment Counts campaign.

He devised 101 Things To Do When You Survive when he was in a hospital waiting room and has since worked with a remote community in Nicaragua, climbed a volcano in Costa Rica, watched nature on the Galapagos Islands and visited Ecuador.

Greig said: ‘It’s exactly that ”every moment counts” feeling. As I watched people come and go, I knew some of them were not going to get good news.

‘I thought how wonderful it would be if they could come on my trip with me and the idea of ”101 Things to Do When You Survive” was born.


‘Most books and travel journals concentrate on bucket lists and “things to do before you die”.

‘I thought it was time to inspire others to show them what is waiting for them when they survive.’

Our mate Bear Grylls said: ‘Greig is truly one brave man.’

Keep up with Greig’s adventures at www.whenyousurvive.com