45% of gappers choose camera over a best friend

What's the most important thing to take on a gap year?

We recently asked our gappers what the most important thing to take on a gap year was. An incredible 45% of the near-400 respondents said it would be their camera, while just 25% said it would be their best friend. A further 20% said their smart phone and 7% said their laptop. 

The news came as no surprise to Cormac Scanlan, gapyear.com's COO. A keen photographer himself, he said:

“For many gappers, a round the world trip can be the most significant and exciting travel experience of their life, so it doesn't surprise me that keeping a record of those experiential backpacking memories is high on a lot of people’s agenda. Of course, for anyone with even the slightest interest in photography, there are few greater opportunities to take amazing shots than a trip around the world.

On the flip side, for a lot of younger travellers, a gap year can also be a coming-of-age; the first time they've braved the world alone, meeting meet new people, making new friends and experiencing unfamiliar cultures. While travelling solo can seem be daunting, many embrace it for the life experience it brings. For those first time solo travellers, having their best friend along would probably seem like a bad idea."

Other interesting facts we found out about you lot in our annual gap year survey include...

  • 81% of those who’ve been on a gap year have not taken drugs 
  • 37% have not had any sexual partners
  • 44% have had 1-3 and 6% have had 10-15. Ooo you devils.

As for travel research tools for those who have been on a gap year - 31% of you still use guide books, while 29% use websites and 26% use other travellers met along the way.

If you want to know any more about the gapyear.com annual gap year survey email us at editor@gapyear.com.