Plane drop and pig slop for GoPro

Snouts off: that’s mine you swine!

A GoPro camera has not only survived falling thousands of feet from a plane, but also eight months in the pig pen in which it landed.

When Mia Munselle discovered the camera on her California pig farm, she did what anyone else would do: watched the film and promptly uploaded the footage to YouTube. The video has averaged almost one million views per day since it appeared on February 9.

The 70-second clip begins in an open sided plane with what appear to be skydivers before being dropped and spinning towards earth at terminal velocity. Finally landing lens up, it’s a matter of seconds before a curious pig appears in frame and begins diligently chomping away.

So far no one has come forward to claim the camera.

It’s certainly not the first time a GoPro has been taken on an unexpected adventure, as shown in the last entry in this compilation of Ten Awesome GoPro Videos...