Shockwave: Seriously Trucking Fast

In what looks suspiciously like one of Jeremy Clarkson’s wet dreams, this jet-engine-powered beast of a machine is the world’s fastest truck, capable of reaching speeds approaching 400mph.

The aptly named Shockwave is the plaything of 64-year-old Neal Darnell from the USA, who with his son Chris drives the semi-articulated lorry at various shows in the USA and Canada.

It’s powered by three J34-48 jet engines, taken from US Navy trainer aircrafts, and generates a staggering 36,000 horse power. Shockwave’s top speed is 376mph, meaning it can outpace a Japanese bullet train and cover a mile in just over 20 seconds.

The only way to stop it is through the use of special parachutes which create enough negative G-force to slow it down.