Man smuggles into Spain in a suitcase

Unfortunately for him, he got caught on the Spanish border

“Oh can I come in your suitcase?” a popular joke from friends and family wishing to join you on your travels, but these guys took it more seriously.

And the Spanish border police did not find it funny.

They spotted a guy acting suspiciously at the border between Spain's north African enclave Melilla and the Moroccan town of Beni Ansar just 12 minutes but a whole border and country away.

His bag was large, and by all accounts oddly shaped. The guy clocked the po po were after him and awkwardly tried to get away – easier said than done when you’re pulling along a fully grown man in a suitcase behind you.

 The police caught up, arrested him, confiscated the suitcase and out popped a squashed up would-be migrant from Mali.

Both men are now banged up in Spain, remanded in police custody. Turns out it wasn't the best idea after all.