Suicidal man saves drowning man

In a bizarre twist of fate a man who last week was contemplating suicide ended up indirectly saving the life of another man.

The suicidal man was threatening to jump off London Bridge into the River Thames late last Wednesday night. However, when a lifeboat was called to the scene in anticipation, the crew discovered a different man in serious trouble in the water. This man was dangerously close to disappearing below the surface and had developed severe hypothermia.

In the meantime, police who arrived on the bridge, pictured below, were able to stop the suicidal man from jumping.

London Bridge

Speaking to the Telegraph, Toni Scarr, one of the lifeboat crew, said: “Although [the man in the water] seemed alert and spoke to us, he was apologetic and wasn’t sure who he was or how he came to be in the river.

“Chances are if it hadn’t been for the lifeboat crew launching to the original incident he never would have been spotted and would have drowned. He was incredibly fortunate.”