New restaurant opens on graveyard in India

Would you fancy scoffing your breakfast next to a tomb? 

Krishnan Kutti has opened up his latest project, the New Lucky Restaurant, on top of a graveyard site using the tombs as decoration.

Kutti claims business has been booming since he opened. ‘The graveyard brings good luck. Our business has been flourishing because of these graves. It gives people a unique experience.

'We have maintained the graves as they were. Our customers don't seem to mind.'

Restaurant in a grave yard

As you can see from the photos, Kutti decided to use the coffins to add to the effect although he has no idea who’s actually in them.

Some locals claim they contain the remains of the followers of a 16th-Century Sufi saint buried nearby.

There are a dozen graves in the restaurant sealed off by iron grills. Every morning the waiters will spruce them up a bit with flowers and a bit of love – as well as covering them with cloth as is the tradition.

'It is important to respect the dead,' said Kutti.

graveyard restaurant

What do you think? Could you eat a bacon butty next to a grave, and really enjoy it as much as you should?