North Korean official executed by flamethrower

A North Korean official has been executed with a flamethrower, according to reports from South Korea.

O-Sang-hon met his fiery end after allegedly being connected in various ways to Kim Jong-un’s uncle, Jang Song-taek, who was himself executed late last year.

Initially it was claimed Jang Song-taek was killed by a pack of ravenous dogs, but that story turned out to be total rubbish. It would seem, however, that the latest reports to emerge from the country about the flamethrower death are genuine.

Kim Jong-un, current leader of NK

It wouldn’t be the first time the North Korean regime has used absurdly violent methods to dispose of perceived undesirables.

In 2012, Kim Chol – a vice minister in the army – was hapless enough to be caught drinking during the official mourning period for the late leader Kim Jong-il.

On the personal orders of Kim Jong-un, he was made to stand on a target and was then obliterated by a mortar round. Kim Jong-un reportedly instructed the executioners to “leave no trace of him, down to his hair”.

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