NYPD in epically brutal Twitter fail

In the last couple of days the New York Police Department has experienced one of the biggest social media fails in history.

In what initially seemed like a pretty standard Twitter campaign, the NYPD asked members of the public to Tweet pictures of themselves alongside officers.

This is the kind of fuzzy, lovely thing the department probably had in mind.

And this is the kind of thing they got.

It’s certainly not the first time an organisation has spectacularly  failed on social media. A recent example involves US Airways, who inadvertently replied to several complaints on Twitter with a picture that’s too graphic to show even when pixelated. If you want to see it just Google ‘us airways tweet photo’. It involves a lady and a toy plane and it’s definitely not safe for work.

On an equally cringe-worthy occasion, MSN announced the news of a celebrity death on Facebook with: “Bee Gees co-founder Robin Gibb dies at 62. Click ‘like’ to pay your respects.” The backlash was suitably contemptuous.

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Just kidding.