Unique property needs new owner

Up for sale at just under £180,000

The igloo is a landmark near the northern city of Anhcorage in Alaska. The building is a popular feature in many tourists' holiday snaps.

Made, surprisingly not from snow but from wood and urethane rubber, the 80ft building is in no danger of melting but it does need a bit of work.

The igloo was built over 40 years ago over a shell of plywood and two by sixes, but it was never fully completed.

Ben Fisher, 55, has owned the igloo since 1996 but has kept it closed for the last six years. He says the tourist attraction needs electricity in order to fully function.

However, a new owner would need to build a nearby substation in order to generate electricity to this particular property. With the nearest town of Cantwell over 20 miles away there is no alternative to powering the igloo. Mr Fisher has estimated that such work could cost as much as £770,000.

However, he believes the igloo, and the surrounding 38 acres, have the potential to be something more if this work is done. He suggests a hotel or seasonal restaurant for those disembarking the cruise ships that visit the area.  

"If you had the money to get it going, I have no doubt that you could make money there just because of where it is. I mean, everybody stops and looks at it" Mr Fisher told the Associated Press.

Located in a snowmobiling hotspot during winter and a popular hiking location in the summer, the property could appeal to tourists.

Already the igloo draws in visitors looking to see the cliché of Alaskan culture. The igloo is a stop off on the way to the Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska.

This isn’t the first time the property has been on the market. Mr Fisher has taken it on and off for the last six years but as of yet no one has purchased this unique property.