Win a spot on a Malaysia tiger conservation project

Help save the world's 2nd highest tiger population 

Frontier are celebrating their 25th anniversary by giving you the chance to join their Malaysia Tiger Conservation project tracking tigers in the Malaysian jungle.

Malaysia has the second highest wild tiger population in the world after India, making the project the perfect chance to see this iconic animal in its natural habitat. By joining the project you’ll be helping with anti-poaching efforts in the wildlife corridor between the beautiful Taman Negara National park and the main mountain range in West Malaysia.

Trekking as a team with guides through the rainforest searching for evidence of tigers, elephants, rhinos, leopards and sun bears you’ll contribute to the protection of their fragile habitat and be supporting vital conservation research as you go.

Malaysia Tiger Conservation Project

The largest and, arguably, most distinctive big cat in the world – the tiger – has had a hard time of it in recent history. Their numbers have declined to a level that has left them endangered; the result of a range of factors, with habitat destruction, habitat fragmentation and poaching the key reasons to the mammoth decline in their numbers from the start of the 20th century from a population of around 100,000, down to an estimated 3,200.

Enter the competition for your chance to win the trip of a lifetime now until the 31st May via the Frontier Official Facebook page.