Man wins £1 million, spends it on the most luxurious gap year ever

Brings brother and best mate along for the ride 

Matt Myles, 27, won £1 million on the Euromillions and earmarked £100k to travel the world with his mate Joe and brother Pete.

He left his 12-hour-shift factory job and within 48 hours was halfway round the world. He jumped on that plane so fast in fact that he had to get his dad to pay for his ticket while the cheque cleared.

No backpacking for Matt though, the ex-soldier has been driving supercars, quaffing vintage Champagne and staying in luxury hotels.

He’s currently supporting England at the World Cup in Brazil, for a whole month, with a ticket to every England game.

Matt, from Hereford, said: “They say money can’t buy happiness but I have never been happier. I’m so grateful for my good fortune.”

He’s also revealed how his big win is a big hit with the ladies.

“I’m living the dream.”

Football in Brazil

“Within days of my EuroMillions win being made public I was getting tweets and Facebook messages from women of all ages across the world.

 “There were even a couple of ­cougars who were interested in having fun.

“I said thank you very much but I’m going to have to let you down as you’re the same age as my mum.

“I’m always really polite when I ­decline the invites.”

He said: “I’m a red-bloodied bloke who likes to enjoy himself [but] I don’t like gold-diggers and don’t want to be liked me for my money.”

Matt bought the ticket in a supermarket as he waited for a friend. That day he’d been questioning whether he should move back home to save money.

He said: “It’s fair to say I was down in the dumps.”

“I almost threw [the ticket] away ­because my numbers didn’t come up – but then I realised I had the first three ­letters of the millionaire’s raffle on the ticket.

“So I checked and it matched. I didn’t believe it and kept checking. My heart was in my mouth.”

His friends and family couldn’t believe his good luck, but his boss just congratulated him. He immediately decided to go on a world tour with his best mate.

He said: “I won on a Tuesday, found out Wednesday, my win was validated by Camelot on Thursday and on Friday morning I was on a flight to Bali.

“In the first 10 days I spent £10,000 on travel, ­hotels and nights out for me and the boys.

“But I’ve set myself a limit of £100,000.”

Matt Myles on the beach

Next on the Matt and Pete fun list is:

  • Partying in Ibiza
  • Hiking Machu Picchu
  • Diving on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Bungee jumping from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon (ed. WTF?!)
  • Road tripping from Chicago to LA in a soft top Ford Mustang
  • New Year on the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Canoeing down the Amazon
  • Walking the Great Wall of China
  • Seeing the Pyramids in Egypt
  • £5,000 challenge in Vegas
  • Volunteering for three months for Unicef

He said: “I’ve also booked some ­villas in Ibiza for two weeks for a boys’ holiday for friends I’ve known since I was young. It’s brilliant being able to let them enjoy my good fortune as well.

“But one of the things I’m most ­excited about is making my parents’ life easier. They’ve worked hard all their lives and it’s nice to be able to treat them.

“I’ve got them a camper van each to go on holiday whenever they want.”

“After all the epic good times I want to give something back. It’s the right thing to do and that’s important to me.”

He added: “While the next 12 months will be incredible, I won’t change. I’ll live as I always have – go big or go home!”

You can follow Matt's adventures on his Twitter feed @MattMyles7.

Wow. So, what would you do with £1 million?