Steps made famous by Rocky could be demolished

Tourists running up stairs and cheering could be no more in Philadelphia

Get your last run ups and photos in, because an expansion of the Philadelphia Museum of Art could see the famous ‘Rocky steps' being removed.

Although nothing has been agreed, talks have begun about building a 24ft window in front of the museum. The steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art have become a huge tourist attraction following the iconic scene in the 1976 film Rocky, in which Sylvester Stallone’s character runs up the stairs. Moving stuff guys, we know. The new window is to be designed by Frank Gehry, a famous modern architect, and would mean that visitors can get a view of the Philadelphia skyline from the gallery.

The expansion could take more than a decade to complete, and will extend the museum by 169,000 square feet. This will allow for more spaces and more items to be displayed. But sadly, it would mean that the 72 ‘Rocky steps' will be history, and not surprisingly, the organisers are expecting a backlash among the Philadelphia community in response to this proposal.