With a camera, an empty airport and all the time in the world, waiting for a flight need never be boring again

There’s no worse feeling than missing your flight. You’ve had to push past young families, complete the ‘run of shame’ and anticipate the awkwardness of being the last one on the plane, just to be told that it’s left without you. But never fear, this means that you can finally film that viral YouTube video you’ve been meaning to do!

Not long after the much watched ‘All By Myself’ airport montage by Richard Dunn, these two boys from the YouTube Channel, BennyZProductions, decided to film themselves killing time in Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.

In the video you can see the boys racing wheelchairs, playing cards with fellow stranded passengers, and doing some impressive transport gymnastics.

It looks like alone in the airport videos are becoming more popular than a sneezing panda.