Chinese lose sun lotion for face-kini 

Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to have a nice day at the beach and your face keeps getting tanned? Well, if you like SPF and scaring small children then the face-kini is for you!

This practical addition to the traditional swimsuit has become a booming fashion statement in the Chinese city of Qingdao. Middle-aged women have been channelling their inner Mexican wrestlers, donning this protective facemask to shield their skin from sun exposure.

This concept may seem a bit odd to the Western world, where a tan feels like a great life achievement, but in China it's quite the opposite. In most Chinese skin products you’ll find ‘skin whitener’ and see people walking around with umbrellas on sunny days; this is because darker skin is associated with hard labour.  Yeah, those tanned people look ridiculous! 

It’s not just the Chinese going for the Slender Man look either. The New York magazine CR Fashion Book recently released photos of glamorous super models wearing the face-kini, accompanied by jewellery, fancy clothes and bold make up. Although this may be a ploy to distract you from how ridiculous they actually look.

Unfortunately, the face-kini is not yet widely available in UK stores, but if you really can’t wait, just head to your local sex shop and ask for a gimp mask. You’ll be amazed by how similar they look!