Yarrr! It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day! The most finest of days!

Ahoy! Listen up maties! The 17th International Talk Like a Pirate Day is upon us and we be following this fine tradition as always!

The rules be simple: just talk like a pirate. All day. That’s it. The only thing you need to plunder is the basic pirate lingo, which be made up of an astonishing FOUR words!





This most finest of days started in 1995 when pirate legends John Baur (aka Ol’ Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (aka Cap’n Slappy) proclaimed 19 September as the day everyone should be talking like a pirate. The most amazing thing is not that everyone agreed but that it took so long for the day to be invented. We figured the wheel out ages ago, how did we not realise the obviousness of ITLAPD?

Never mind, that be history now.  

To mark this majestic occasion and pay our dues we have had a play with our very own website. Can you be spotting the changes?

Pirate chat up lines

Your usual chat up lines will sound odd on this most famous of days so be sure to use these (a few of which we confess are pirated from the offical TLAPD website, in keeping with the spirit of the day).

I'd love to drop an anchor in your lagoon

Well, blow me down?

Mind if I fire me cannon through ya porthole?

Come and see my urchins

Wanna know why Roger is so jolly?

Before ya know it, I'll be plundering yer booty

Would ya like to scrape the barnacles of me rudder?

Prepare to be boarded

I gots some treasure for yer chest

So go forth, talk like a pirate, woo like a pirate and mate like a pirate, and celebrate this majestic occasion.