Star Wars fans unite to make film

Hundreds of Star Wars fans have come together to create a mind blowing fan-made version of the film, The Empire Strikes Back. The whole thing is 2 hours, 8 minutes and 33 seconds. Yes, they made the entire film.

The video was released on the official Star Wars YouTube channel, and features iconic scenes from the 1980’s Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back. The contributions include Lego men, amateur animation, home-made costumes, and of course, cats.

The idea for this epic collaboration was put together by web developer Casey Pugh, created of the website, Star Wars Uncut.

The ‘Directors Uncut’ version has been released alongside some great news for Star Wars fans and film-making buffs; the Disney-owned Lucasfilm have announced that the Star Wars Fan Film awards will be returning next January.

“The Star Wars Fan Film awards are a wonderful way for us to acknowledge the extraordinary talent and passion of our fans that have supported us throughout the years,” Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, told the Guardian. “Since Star Wars has inspired so many to take up a camera and begin their own film-making careers, we’d like to share some of that inspiration with an audience and encourage those film-makers to follow their bliss." 

Well, this amateur YouTube film will be hard to follow...