Plane windows to be replaced with smart screen technology in 10 years

The aviation industry has been pondering the same three questions since its inception: how to grow, how to improve safety and how to cut costs.

The answer to the latter has potentially been provided by an organisation called Centre for Process Innovation, which has suggested replacing plane windows with smart screen technology.

The removal of windows would make planes considerably lighter, thereby reducing fuel consumption, which in turn would cut costs and make air travel more affordable for many more people.

Cameras mounted on the outside of the plane would feed through to the screens, which would run for the entire length of the fuselage, revealing in perfect clarity the outside environment.

Essentially, the cabin would appear transparent.

In a YouTube video promoting the concept, the voiceover muses: “What if you could enjoy the journey, not just the destination?”

The level of enjoyment would, of course, depend on the confidence of the flyer. While some would indeed enjoy the journey more, others could find themselves whimpering in a ball on the floor.