YouTubers conduct social experiment to find honest person 

Thanks to the power of YouTube and camera phones, it seems that anyone nowadays can conduct a social experiment. Not long ago the video of a woman being ‘harassed’ in the streets of New York City went viral, but two vloggers from the Czech Republic have decided to embark on a more charitable endeavour.

The two men, Erik Meldik and Čeněk Stýblo, also known as the ViralBrothers, spent six days walking almost 60 miles across Prague in an attempt to find an honest man.

One of the YouTubing partners is filmed walking down the street, when he ‘accidentally’ drops his wallet in front of a homeless person. The camera stays hidden as they film whether the person will return the wallet or keep it for themselves.

Now, this may seem like a cruel human safari prank, exploiting the desperation of those in poverty, but there is a positive twist. Towards the end of the filming, the pair begin to give up hope of anyone returning the empty wallet. Finally, one of the ViralBrothers walks past an elderly homeless man who promptly picks up the wallet and returns it, simply asking for some spare change for his good deed.

It is at this point where it gets a bit too emotional to watch at your office desk or in public. The big reveal is that they give the homeless man $1000 (20,000 Czech Crowns) for being honest and returning the wallet. As you can imagine, the man becomes overwhelmed and it all gets a bit teary.   

Watch the experiment for yourself here: