And this time it’s not a hoax…

A video has emerged of legendary skater Tony Hawk riding a hover board. And this time it’s real. Probably.

You may remember an identical story hitting the headlines back in March of this year. In that video, Hawk and other reasonably well-known figures, including Moby, were shown apparently doing the same, though it was quickly revealed to be a fake, much to the gut-wrenching disappointment of Back to the Future fans. And everyone else.

But this time it’s the real deal. The invention can genuinely suspend itself an inch or so above the floor, sliding around with the rider’s momentum. The hoverboard, which was created by the Hendo company, does have limitations; for example, it can only be used on non-ferromagnetic conducer surfaces – think aluminium.

Even so, it’s a big step – or slide – towards the kind of epic, albeit fictional, machine which Marty McFly famously used as his preferred mode of transport in Back to the Future Part II.

The sky’s the limit.