New invention brings a whole new reality to the gaming experience

Don’t you hate it when you’re playing an video game and it’s just not realistic enough?  Well, now players can actually lose blood whenever they’re shot, thanks to this new Xbox controller.

The appropriately named ‘Blood Sport’ machine, which will be taken to multiplayer events, will allow players to compete to see who can lose the most blood.

Morbid as it sounds, this absurd invention hs been created for a good cause. The blood collected from the machine will be donated to medicine, and ultimately aims to encourage blood donations without having to get virtually shot.

Brand & Grotesque

The ‘Blood Sport’ machine is connected by opening up the controller, and plugging a cable into the input which normally triggers the vibration whenever a player is harmed. Once this happens, a a message is sent through a circuit board to tell the machine when to take blood, as well as automatically shutting off when a player is losing too much blood. Naturally, an injury waiver has to be signed before each gamer participates.

This blood-thirsty controller is the brainchild of Jamie Umpherson and Taran Chadha, two Canadian advertising executives. The two-man team are currently aiming to raise £140,000 to complete the construction of the machine, which they are building in their apartment. Aiming to launch the project by March 2015, the duo are hoping to recruit gamers and celebrities, such as Seth Rogan and Snoop Dogg, to "see if they can handle Blood Sport”.

It’s certainly more interesting than getting a free cup of tea and a biscuit. 

The video below demonstrates how the controller works: