The UK's next one arrives in 2090

It's not often you get to see a solar eclipse in Europe; although these spectacular celestial events occur at least every couple of years, they tend to favour the southern hemisphere. So it's quite exciting that this Friday, March 20th, will give UK and Scandinavian sky gazers a chance to experience this incredible phenomenon and wonder if the apocalypse is here, at last.

The UK

London is predicted to experience a deep partial eclipse, with 84% of the sun covered by that cheeky moon. It's due to kick off here at around 8.45am, climaxing at 9.31am, before finally ending at 10.41am. Your best bet for seeing it is to get away from tall buildings and find an open space like a park or a haunted carnival. 

The best place to see the solar eclipse in the UK is Scotland. Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen will see 94% of the sun covered (a net improvement on Scottish weather), and the west coast of the Isle of Lewis will see a whopping 98% of the sun covered.

Don't worry if you're not able to travel; nowhere in the UK will see less than 80% of the sun covered.


You'll have to head pretty far north to make the most of the solar eclipse if you're in Scandinavia. Remote Svalbard in Norway is predicted to have particularly good viewing, offering an amazing setting amid the snow and ice. The Faroe Islands, and to a lesser extent Iceland and Greenland, will also be good places to pay witness.

Don't miss out

The next total solar eclipse in Europe won't be until 2081, and it won't be visible again in the UK until 2090. So if you don't want to be dead before the next occurrence, make sure you get out there and make the most of it! (But remember, kids, don't look directly at it, or your eyeballs will melt into creamy soup)