It's a pickle authorities are coming to tackle and knock on the head

Let’s get this out of the way early:

Phnom Penhis.

Temples of Angphwoar.

Machboob Picchu.

The above naked disregard for common punning decency is nothing compared to an epidemic sweeping across the world’s most popular heritage sites and tourist destinations.

My Naked Trip at Machu Picchu

People are posing naked for photographs in front of ancient, respected, sacred monuments. In the nude. Divested and disrobed. Bollock starkers. So you might get an eyeful more than you bargained for when you go sightseeing this summer.

It’s become such a problem at Cambodia’s famous temples of Angkor that officials have had to draw up a code of conduct, the crux of which is ‘don’t get naked in public places, what is wrong with you?’ Following the arrest of three French men caught posing au naturel at Banteay Kdei temple, the “common sense” rules will be distributed to hotels and tour guides.

One more: Per-nude-vian?


Machu Picchu in Peru is also regularly exposed to flashes of indecency, with eight tourists arrested this year, forcing the government to publicly ask tourists to put it away, while the Pyramids of Giza and Mount Everest (Mount Everbreast. We’re so sorry) are also nudity hotspots.

Of course, a certain naked handstander might argue that this is all yesterday's news.

The more of these photos that appear online, the larger the problem is expected to grow, as enthusiastic exhibitionists seeking attention aim to one-up each other in what you might refer to as a global click-measuring contest.