No visa will be required for Brits if they're staying less than 15 days

Vietnam has long been a favourite gap year destination, and although getting a visa for entry has rarely proved too difficult, the cost and effort has acted as a deterrent to more discerning backpackers. Now, in an effort to reverse a recent decline in visitor numbers, the Vietnamese government has announced that British travellers won't need a visa to enter the country between July 1 and June 30, 2016.

The change means backpackers heading for Vietnam will shave at least £54 off their budget, the former cost of a single-entry visa. The policy change will also apply to French, Spanish, Italian, and German visitors.

Despite its popularity on the gap year trail, Vietnam has suffered a drop in tourism recently, in no small part down to a territory dispute with China that has dented the number of Chinese tourists making the trip. 

The change of policy is beneficial all around, as we would certainly consider Vietnam a must-see destination on any gap year itinerary. Now there's no excuse to miss out. 

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