Find love travelling with a stranger

Any traveller – often whether single or not – thinks about finding romance on their gap year. The wanton drinking, the thrill of unbridled freedom, the difficulty of self-service in a shared dorm, all contribute to the desire for a backpacking fling. Maybe you’ll even find the love of your life (pro tip: if they have dreadlocks they’re not the love of your life).

A new app styling itself as ‘Tinder for travellers’ is aiming to remove any element of chance by setting you up on a date before you’ve even left home.

Miss Travel allows you to meet likeminded travellers to accompany you on your adventures, with the illicit throb of sexual intention as a pervasive undercurrent.

Sound awkward? It could be – imagine a disastrous first date that leaves you stranded together in Zimbabwe rather than your local Wetherspoons – but a number of options within the app aim to make finding a decent match a more accurate endeavour.

You can request someone to travel with, search for a guide to show you around a city or area, or even request somebody to come and visit you. Further, you can narrow down potential dates through fields such as type of trip, and even a built-in (but not compulsory) background check.

From there you can head off into the unknown with your chosen match and hope that love blossoms/they don’t steal your kidneys.

 “When we travel, we leave nothing to chance, making sure our transportation and accommodation are planned to a tee,” said Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of Miss Travel. “So why leave your date up to serendipity? Miss Travel is the travel agent of love, connecting people who believe travel is a richer experience when shared and want to find romance along their journey. With Miss Travel you never have to travel alone again.”

Miss Travel encourages common sense when going abroad with strangers. The app is available now in the App Store and Google’s Play store.