Thai capital in shock after explosion

A bomb has exploded in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, near to the popular Erawan Shrine in the Chidlom district.

Early reports claim at least 12 people have died, and at least 20 are injured.

Jonathan Head, the BBC’s South Asia correspondent, is at the scene and has described the situation as “catastrophic”, and said: “Nothing has ever happened on this scale. It’s just awful.” He said body parts are scattered everywhere.

The local police have said the blast came from a motorcycle bomb.

According to Singapore newspaper The Straits Times there are unconfirmed reports that a second bomb has been detected at the site and that a bomb squad are currently trying to deactivate it.

The Erawan Shrine is popular with both locals and tourists and receives thousands of visitors every day.

The below video shows what appears to be the moment of explosion.