Living their 9 lives to the fullest

Seeking to address the lack of cats in social media, Instagram user Laura Moss has created an account – Adventure Cats – dedicated to showing our feline friends enjoying outdoorsy activities.

The stream, which shows cats clambering up trees, sitting in kayaks and peering over cliffs, among other things, has given paws for thought and other dreadful ideas for puns.

Speaking to WIRED, Moss said: “I haven’t had to seek out a single contributor. I launched the account in April, kicking it off with photos of my two cats or my friends’ cats, and within a matter of days, people were tagging #adventurecats in photos. Every day I am awed by these incredible cats and their owners.”

According to Moss, it’s important to remember some cats will never not be appalled at being placed into completely alien environments, and as such you should never force your cat into adventure travel. Some, however, according to her, are more intrepid, and can be gently trained to leave their comfort zone with leashes and harnesses.

That’s it. I’m not writing any more. I don’t even care that I have broken into first person. Here are the photos you obviously came for.


The beautiful @shadethecat00 out on a morning hike #adventurecats #catsofinstagram #catoftheday #hikingcat #outdoors

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Happy #Caturday from @lundycat! #adventurecats #catsofinstagram #catoftheday #hikingcat #outdoors

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