WestJet offering bargain flights

Canada is one of the most popular gap year destinations in the world, and now airline WestJet is making it a whole lot cheaper to get there. They're offering one way flights from London Gatwick to Toronto for the bargain price of £194.

This video sums it up nicely (and also features a man in a dog suit being hosed down): 

WestJet will also be offering flights in the other direction; you'll be able to fly to London from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and St. John's, with ticket prices ranging between $199-299. So a return trip could turn out very cheap indeed.

The airline is looking to compete with British Airways, Air Canada, and Air Transat, and the increase in competition could serve to drive prices down across the board, which could be a massive win for you beautiful travellers.

WestJet says that the cheapest fares have limited availability, so we recommend booking sooner rather than later. Give us a call on 0333 333 9923 and we'll get your Canadian trip booked faster than you can say 'Poutine, eh?'