Dab hands to wipe weeping women

Emotional businesswomen in Japan now have access to a new service which dispatches handsome men to dry their tears when it all gets a bit much.

The company is the brainchild of Hiroki Terai, a well-known advocate of crying as a means to relieve stress, and is called Ikemeso, a combination of the words ‘ikemen’ (hot guy) and ‘mesomeso’ (crying).

For 7,900 Yen (£40), women in Tokyo can order one of seven Ikemeso, each of whom is a certain type, ranging from cute to bad boy to intellectual.

The men – or tear therapists, to use their scientific titles – will arrive equipped with super-soft tissues. They will also bring sad films to watch with their clients until the tears begin to flow.

Speaking to MailOnline, Mr Terai said: “More and more women are trying to hold down professional jobs these days but the male-dominated, workaholic workforce makes it hard for them. We want such women to have a good cry and feel better when they feel targeted. Who doesn’t feel better after a big boo-hoo?”