*insert clever fecal matter pun here*

It seems we can't get enough poo in our food.

Let me try that again. Hot on the heels of the world's first poo-flavoured curry (thanks, Japan), a cafe dedicated to all things lavatorial has opened its doors in Moscow, proving once and for all that I shouldn't feel ashamed about all the sandwiches I've eaten on the toilet in my life. Right?

The Crazy Toilet Cafe, Moscow

The Crazy Toilet Cafe actually features a lot of perfectly regular toilets. You'll use them as seats, drink out of miniature urinals and bedpans, and enjoy them as particularly crappy decoration. 

The menu is designed to remind you of all the unpleasant things you've ever expelled from the underside of your body: sausages (they look like turds!), brown mushroom soup (it looks like diarrhoea!), and chocolate ice cream (it looks like... well, you get the idea).

It's a gimmick. It's all a vaguely reprehensible gimmick that will make you look quirky and interesting on Instagram. We hope you're happy. 

The toilets in the cafe don't actually work. But don't let that stop you.