This is way less embarrassing

Selfie-sticks are a divisive object in a backpacker's arsenal. Some love them, proudly wielding their narcissistic protrusions at crowded tourist sites and spattering the results across the internet, while others find the very idea embarrassing, unseemly, or downright repulsive.

Here's a clever solution. A Japanese comedy genius known as 'Mansooon' has invented the selfie arm, so that you can use a selfie stick without anyone around you knowing.

Man invents selfie-stick arms


It's really quite a simple idea: take a standard selfie-stick, cram it into a plastic hand, and attach it to your body. It's amazing no one has done it before.

Selfie stick arms

The only other thing you'll need are some custom clothes to accommodate it, such as this inconspicuous and undoubtedly fashionable long-long-long sleeved shirt. No one will be able to tell the difference, turning you into a stealthy selfie machine.

Totally natural selfie stick arms

Totally natural.

We should point out that the invention was featured on Japanese comedy site Omocoro, as picked up by Kotaku, so it may not be entirely serious. We still kind of want one, though.