Seateroo allows passengers to swap seats once they've boarded flight

It's happened to every traveller: you board your long haul flight only to find you're stuck in the middle seat, or next to a screaming toddler, or your personal two inch television screen will only show old episodes of Emmerdale.  

A new app could give you the power to escape, by allowing your fellow passengers to charge for a seat swap. Seateroo will create a digital marketplace for plane seats, where passengers can connect with each other after boarding and arrange to switch positions. If you see the cockpit listed, it's time to be frightened.

New app lets you swap seats on a flight

The minimum price for a swap is $5, with no upper limit, and sellers are charged a 15% commission on their fee. The buyer and seller must be travelling on the same flight. Airline policies may prevent passengers from swapping.

This could present a good opportunity to earn some extra money on your travels - tie up the good seats, and then charge through the nose. Cha-ching! 

Seateroo will launch in January 2016 in the US, where many people fly domestically throughout the year, before rolling out globally. 

Sound like something you'd use?