You can eat badger curry, grilled piranha, axolotls, and crocodile feet

One of the biggest attractions of going backpacking is trying the local food in exotic locations, broadening your palette’s horizons, and giving your immune system a run for its money. A restaurant in Japan has taken things one step further, by forging a menu comprised entirely of animals you’ve never even considered eating.

Chinju-ya (which translates as ‘rare meat monger’) Restaurant in Yokohama’s Noge district imports animals from all over the world and makes a right meal of them.

Chinju-ya restaurant

The menu varies depending on what is available at the time. Chef Fukuoka has served deep-fried axolotls, camel meat, and ‘minced meat of badger’ served in a ‘dry curry.’ Diners in the past have also been able to sample soft boiled boar foot, bear meat, and a cockroach platter.

Contaminated pudding

The weirdness doesn’t stop there: the dessert menu offers something called the ‘contaminated pudding,’ which is riddled with worms. The drinks menu gives you the opportunity to try sake poured from a bottle containing a venomous snake.

Deep-fried axolotls

These dishes don’t come cheap, and availability is limited. You can check their Twitter feed to see what strange delicacy is currently being served.

Bon appétit.