You'll be sleeping with the fishes

Ever had that dream where you’re trapped in a tiny tank underwater while sharks relentlessly circle, and there’s no escape and you’re going to die and you hope that wetness spreading around your legs is coming from a leak somewhere?

Oh. Just us?

The dream could become a reality this month, as Airbnb offers one-night stays in a transparent room suspended in a shark tank.

The Airbnb shark tank room

Between April 11-13, the Aquarium de Paris will let three couples sleep within its three million litre tank, home to 35 sharks. It’s part of a contest being staged by Airbnb.

The nights will be hosted by free-diver and marine photographer Fred Buyle, who’ll take the winners on a tour of the aquarium and probably talk about sharks a lot.

Applicants must be over 18 years old and fit enough to fight a shark if required.

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