We’re all moving to New Zealand!

You might have noticed that things are a little... uncertain in the UK right now. Many people are plotting their escapes from England’s green and increasingly unpleasant land, and thankfully New Zealand is here to help.

The town of Kaitangata on New Zealand’s South Island finds itself with a raft of jobs and affordable houses, and not enough people to fill them. So they’ve launched a campaign to encourage people to move there.

Kaitangata, New Zealand

Kaitangata is small – its current population is around 800 – but it has a school, a bar, and a pizza parlour, which is pretty much all you need.

“We have got youth unemployment down to two,” says mayor of the Clutha region Bryan Cadogen. “Not 2% - just two unemployed young people.”

Major cities in New Zealand like Auckland are suffering high levels of unemployment and spiralling housing costs, and it’s the same in many areas of the UK. It might be a bit more complicated to relocate to the other side of the world, but these days no option should be off the table.

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