One in two Brits would rather take their phone travelling than a friend

While many people like the idea of escaping from their everyday life when they travel, our phones make it easier to stay connected than ever (and therefore harder to disconnect).

And now a new survey has shown that three quarters of travellers would choose their smart phone as their travel accessory of choice – even choosing it over a friend, partner, or family member.

The survey, issued by, asked more than 9,000 people how they used their phones while abroad.

Woman travelling with phone

Results showed that 55% of Brits would choose their phone over any other companion. Other nationalities proved even more obsessed, with 85% of Argentinians and a whopping 96% of Russians preferring their phones.

The survey also showed that the average traveller spends three hours every day on their phone, with one in ten dedicating seven hours a day to it.

We know getting stuck with an unwanted travel mate can be annoying, but this just seems ridiculous.

Social media proved the biggest temptation, with only 20% using the technology to actually plan their ongoing travel.

Although some of the numbers here are a bit extreme, your phone can be a huge asset when you travel. We’ve even put together a definitive list of the apps you shouldn’t be without when travelling.