UK police have released a new short film that tells travellers how to stay safe if they are caught in a terror attack while on holiday.

The film, produced in association with the Foreign Office and ABTA, restates the 'Run, Tell, Hide' message launched by police in December 2015 following the attacks in Paris, and re-issued earlier this year in the wake of the London Borough Market attack.

In the event of a terrorist incident, travellers are told to run to a place of safety, taking others with them and leaving their belongings behind. As soon as they're safe, they should alert authorities by calling the local emergency number. If there is no place of safety, travellers should hide and put their phones on silent.

"There is no specific intelligence that British holidaymakers will be targeted this summer but the launch of the film and supporting information is part of a general campaign to raise awareness among the public," reads the video description. "It highlights the steps people can take to minimise the impact of an attack - including knowing the local emergency services number."