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Adventure in Canada

 Adventure in Canada

As Canada is the world’s second largest country you won’t be surprised when we say it pretty much caters for any activity you could imagine. So to make it easy for you we’ll cover some of the best adventures Canada has to offer and you can add them to your plans.

Skiing and snowboarding

Canada is well known for its ski resorts and many people flock there in the winter season for Christmas getaways. Canadian resorts are known for their modern, well maintained facilities as well as their picturesque views. The best time to go is November-April.
Put simply, the best places to ski in Canada are in the western and eastern sides.
Quebec is the best choice if you’re in the east of Canada and Alberta for the west side. Some of the most popular resorts are Whistler, Banff and Mont-Tremblant, as they also have hiking trails, spas, fine restaurants, hotels and shopping.


Cycling is very common in Canada and certainly something to add to your itinerary. As Canada varies a lot geographically there are many types of routes and styles for you to choose from such as mountain biking in the middle of no-where to cycling around urban areas.
The ‘bike-friendliness’ of Canadians varies dramatically depending on which region you are in. Rural areas tend to encourage the sport more as there is little or no traffic, so long distance trails are readily available. Most major cities, especially Toronto, also have kilometres of cycle paths to help you get around safely.
It is important to note that Canadian speed limits are a lot higher than European countries so if you are out and about in urban areas you will notice most people ride ‘pedestrian’ (on the pavements) rather than on the roads. It is perfectly acceptable to do this and in fact highly recommended you do so.
Visit http://www.cyclingcanada.ca/ for routes and events.


If you want to make the most of your time in Canada then kayaking is an activity not to be missed. There are many places to kayak in Canada such as Johnson Strait – an area for all abilities or the coast line of New Brunswick – a more isolated area.
Apart from learning new skills and having a blast with friends, kayaking in Canada also offers amazing views of wildlife in their natural habitat. You may come across whales, seals, eagles and otters to name a few!

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a great way to test your self both physically and mentally while getting to witness great views at the same time.
Canada is famous for its Rocky Mountains so you could not possibly turn down the chance to go rock climbing and see them close up and personal. After the adrenaline of climbing up a sheer cliff face and trying not to look down at the drop below, you can relax at a break point and enjoy amazing views of Canada.
The best places to check out are Kamloops, BC, Canmore, in Alberta and Val David in Quebec.

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