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Health Advice for Cuba

Health Advice for Cuba

The number for emergency services including police, fire and ambulance in Cuba is 106.
You don’t need any special vaccinations or immunisations to travel to Cuba. You should always make sure your regular vaccinations are up to date before you go anywhere though.
There have been recent outbreaks of Dengue fever so make sure you apply good quality insect repellent and wear lightweight clothing in the evenings when the bugs come out to play.
Health advice for Cuba

Stay safe

Medical facilities in Cuba are renowned for their excellence – there’s even a booming trade in medical tourism here – you’ll find medical clinics that cater exclusively to foreigners too. Treatment in these clinics is relatively minor compared to most private hospitals in Western countries.
It’s always a good idea to avoid tap water, ice cubes and vegetables that are raw or undercooked while in Cuba.
Cuba has a low crime rate, but as always when travelling anywhere unfamiliar always bring along your common sense. Keep copies of your passport and use the hotel security lockers to hold any other important documents. Don’t carry around large amounts of cash or wear an excessive amount of expensive jewellery.
Cuba health
Visitors should also be careful of using three-wheel taxis or mopeds in Cuba, or anywhere for that matter, as every year there are always some serious accidents involving tourists.
If you’re planning on visiting during the hurricane season from June to November just note that there is the potential for flooding and landslides.

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