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Customs in Cuba

Customs in Cuba

The unique political history of Cuba has really dominated the country’s personality. Emerging from the shadow of the old Castro regime, today’s Cuban government has loosened their hold. Tourism is now encouraged and visitors over the past few years have been given a fascinating glimpse of a country that has changed little in architecture and infrastructure since the 1950s – making it a sought-after time capsule.
Customs in Cuba

Growing tourism in Cuba

Once a thriving international tourist mecca Cuban tourism is successfully trying to regain that crown and is working hard to keep up with demand. The infrastructure has improved and there are tourist regions with modern 3 to 5-star hotels available, if that’s the kind of holiday you want.
More adventurous visitors will enjoy the local casas and find the Cuban people to be warm, friendly, hospitable and expressive.
Tipping taxi drivers, bar and hotel staff is customary in Cuba.

Religion in Cuba

The main religion in Cuba is Christianity, with Roman Catholics a large majority. There are also a number of Protestant denominations and a variety of syncretic religions of West African cultural origins.

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