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Travel Tips for Cuba

Travel Tips for Cuba

If you’re phoning Cuba from outside the country you’ll need the international access code 53. To phone from the inside you must dial 119 first followed by the relevant country code.
To get the cheapest international calls you should use a phone card. You can buy them in most relevant kiosks and shops.
Censored internet access is available at most hotels and the special internet cafes dotted around. Having internet access in your house is actually illegal in Cuba, so there’s no point in asking your new friends.
Travel tips for Cuba
Cuba post is notoriously slow and delivery to Western Europe can take up to several weeks. The post offices are open Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm, but ask at your hotel if they provide a postal service as many of them do.
Watch out for fake Cuban cigars on the streets, and in shops. Make sure you buy them in official shops for the real deal.
Don’t drink the water – even the locals find it too raw to drink. Always go for the bottled water (make sure the cap hasn’t been opened before) or take some water purification tablets with you.
Keep in mind that the average salary for a Cuban is $15 per month so if one of the friendly locals does do you a favour, make sure you pay them back fairly.

What to do in Cuba

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