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Visas for Cuba

Visas for Cuba

Anyone travelling to Cuba must possess:

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months’ validity.
  • Proof of ongoing or return travel.
  • A visa or ‘tourist card’ which you can get from a travel agent or just in the airport on the way.
  • Health insurance.

The above permits you to enjoy four weeks in Cuba with no qualms. If you require longer you can easily extend for another four weeks at the immigration offices in most of the major cities.
You will need to pay a departure tax of 25 Convertible Pesos (CUCs) at the airport so remember to save enough notes.
Visas in Cuba

US citizens

If you’re a US citizen wanting to travel to Cuba you should check with the US government to find out the current licencing restrictions. It is definitely possible to travel to Cuba, but you may have to go through a lengthy application process to do so. Entry requirements do change and so it’s strongly advised to check with the department of foreign affairs for the latest update.

Worldwide Cuban embassies

  • Australia – Canberra: +61 2 6290 2151
  • New Zealand – Wellington: +64 4 472 3748
  • UK – London: +44 20 7240 2488
  • Ireland – Dublin: +353 1 475 0899
  • US – Washington: +1 202 797 8518
  • Canada – Ottawa: +1 613 563 0141
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