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Weather in Cuba

Weather in Cuba

As Cuba is located in the beautiful Caribbean you’ll find a typically tropical climate that’s split into two seasons. From May to October you need to beware the wet season as 75% of Cuba’s rain falls during this time, and from June to April it’s the hurricane season. But for the rest of the year, and for most of these months too, you’ll find plenty of sunshine for you to lap up wherever you go.
Weather in Cuba

Best time to visit

The most popular time to visit Cuba is between November and April when the days are comfortably warm and the evenings cool. The average minimum temperature is between 18°C and 21°C and the highest average temperature is around 27°C.
In the capital Havana it’s rare to ever see the temperature fall below 16C. Humidity is high year round, fluctuating between 75% and 95%.

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