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A Gap Year in Dominican Republic

Why go backpacking in Dominican Republic?

Ok, there’s no way round this. The Dominican Republic isn’t really a gap year destination. Or is it?

Many visitors come from the USA or elsewhere in North America to visit the luxurious resorts here, but there are still opportunities here for backpackers on a budget.

If you’re heading to the Caribbean on your gap year then you’re going to need to start off somewhere. As one of the largest countries in the Caribbean the Dominican Republic is the perfect place to start off .

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What to see in Dominican Republic

This Caribbean country offers the traveller a diverse countryside comprising tropical rainforests, arid desert expanses, alpine ranges and steamy mangrove swamps. It’s a playground for trekkers, mountain bike enthusiasts and water-sport junkies. And of course there’s always the beach to chillax on.

The Dominican Republic is also music and dance, exotic foods and drink, the popular local baseball games and remarkable architecture as is found in the capital Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial. There are also many sugar plantations, small quaint villages and wonderful mountain retreats in Jarabacoa and Constanza.

If you’re looking for a Caribbean gap year then the Dominican Republic has to be towards the top of the list.

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