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Nightlife in the USA

Nightlife in the USA

Nightlife in the USA varies greatly depending on where you are, but as long as you’re not in a rural area, you’ll often find that there are fun things going on, especially on the weekend. Typically party nights start on Thursday, especially in college towns. One of the top places you can go to is Las Vegas, a city made for the nightlife. With rules unlike any other state allowing public drinking and alcohol served 24 hours a day, Vegas is like no other place in the US or even the world. Many of the top DJ’s visit Sin City and there are always things to be done at every hour of the day!

Las Vegas

Bar closures and last calls at bars end at various times depending on individual state law, but don’t expect to stay out too late in the US. In California and many other states, bars and clubs close at 2am, with variations ranging from 1am to 4am (New York). However, in spots like Las Vegas (and actually all of Nevada), bars are allowed to serve alcohol 24 hours a day. The drinking age in the United States is 21 and this is strictly enforced. Expect to have to show proof of age at all times when going out, especially if you are under 30 years old. Most bars and drinking establishments offer a large array of drinks you can order.  This usually includes several beers on tap, specialty cocktails, wines, and many different types of mixed drinks.

Nightclubs in the U.S. cover all music scenes. There are clubs that play top 40 music, house music, country music, and even ones with live bands. Gay/lesbian clubs and bars can be found in many medium to large-sized cities.

Times Square

There are a number of cities that are known for their nightlife and are great trips if that’s what you’re looking for. This includes cities such as Las Vegas, with all the most famous nightclubs, and other cities like New Orleans and New York City known for their nightlife. Most large cities in the US will have an area or multiple areas where you can go out and enjoy the night scene.

Compared to many places in Europe, you’ll have to start going out earlier because of the earlier closing times, and outside of the party capitals. Oftentimes, the day of the week does matter, although in the big cities, you’re sure to find bars busy all days of the week. Dress code varies depending on where you go, but typically bars are casual affairs. Clubs are usually a different story, as is more classy wine bars.

Street of Bars

Just think of what you want to go for! There will always be the sports bar playing the biggest sporting events, the bars you can sit in and have conversation, the lounges with a more class feel and sometimes dancing, and the loud bars/clubs for dancing. With the diversity throughout the country and within cities, you can usually find many different types of places to go out in the USA and enjoy the nightlife!

To see some of the other party atmospheres going on throughout the country, check out The Coolest Festivals in the USA.

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