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Stoke Summer Camp Ibiza

Europe's first Summer Camp experience for adults. Taking place in beautiful Ibiza.

Stoke Summer Camp Ibiza
From £350
Duration 6 days Days
From £350
Duration 6 days Days
Meet new friends at an original summer camp experience in the beautiful Spanish holiday destination, Ibiza. You'll laugh, do good things to your body, all with plenty of time to work on your tan and p...

Stoke Travel’s Summer Camp concept, the first of it’s kind in Europe, is all about taking it back to being a child, laughing, doing good stuff to your body, whilst having a great time acting like a kid again. There’s no pressures that come from the 9 to 5, instead we’ll be getting involved with all of the bending, stretching, wholesome eating, deep breathing, and meditation you’d expect from a health and wellness retreat but with none of the seriousness, or intimidating stuff, and of course we’ll be finishing our days with a tall glass of beer or soothing vino tinto. Our priority is you, and ensuring you are enjoying yourself, whilst simultaneously creating an inclusive environment for people of all levels of fitness, and interest.
Stay on the stunning Balearic island of Ibiza, at our beach-side retreat camp located in the lush nature in the north-east of the island, amoungst beautiful deserted beaches and pristine water. The Summer Camp runs throughout June, when the temperatures are hot, prices are low and island not too crowded.

What's Included

  • Food
  • Accommodation
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Region Europe
Country Spain

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We’re the favourite choice for the backpacker on a budget, the student with some study abroad holidays to burn, the gap year gapper with a gap in their galavanting, the solo traveler looking for some soul mates or the group travel group. Our Stokies want the most affordable experience worth top value at the world’s best and craziest festivals and destinations with an authentic feel, a flexible...
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