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The Explorer’s Extravaganza

A Gap Year Adventure by StudentUniverse

The Explorer’s Extravaganza
From £3699
Duration From 60 Days
From £3699
Duration From 60 Days
Feeling adventurous? You'd better be, because this is a BIG one! It involves an incredible journey from Russia overland to China and Mongolia, before looping back to India via Burma. Epic, in a word.

Along the way you’ll be ticking items of that bucket list with outrageous rapidity, as you ride the world-famous Trans-Siberian Railway, pad your way around the iconic Taj Mahal, amble along the Great Wall of China, and so much more. This is a trip you will truly never forget. It includes all your flights, amazing tours that ensure you won’t miss any of the best experiences, as well as plenty of free time in top destinations, and the opportunity to travel by yourself once you’ve found your feet.

Tour Itinerary

Step 1 : Fly from London to Moscow

The Explorer’s Extravaganza kicks off with a flight from London to Moscow. This can take as little as four hours, so you won’t lose too much time in the air before you touch down in Russia’s awesome capital city.

Step 2 : Moscow and surrounds

If you choose to arrive a couple of days before the first tour of the trip, you can spend some time exploring the sights of Moscow at your own pace. You might wander along the Moskva River to see the Kremlin, gawp at the sheer size of Red Square, and photograph iconic Saint Basil’s Cathedral with its colourful domes.

Moscow Red Square selfie

There is also the option to book the St Petersburg Express, a four-day pre-tour package that takes you to the old imperial capital before looping back to Moscow to begin the next leg of your trip.

Step 3 : Trans-Mongolian Adventure to Beijing (16 days)

The next part of your trip is an epic journey on the world famous Trans-Siberian Railway. Heading east, you’ll cross the Ural Mountains and traverse the wilds of the Siberian taiga forests, all in the comfort of the luxurious train.

Trans Siberian railway

Don’t worry, there are plenty of opportunities to stretch your legs along the way. The journey includes stops at local villages, an overnight stay on the shore of Lake Baikal, and the chance to explore Ulaanbaatar, capital city of Mongolia, and experience Mongolian traditions such as archery and throat-singing.

Finally, you’ll arrive in Beijing, where a visit to the Great Wall of China is included on the final day of the tour.

Step 4 : Beijing to Hong Kong

You’re now free to explore the sights of Beijing at your own pace. You might amble through the sprawling Forbidden City, soak up the history of Tienanmen Square, or explore the beautiful grounds of the Summer Palace, before hitting a street food market to sample the weird and wonderful cuisine on offer.

After that, it’s up to you to make your way south to Hong Kong for the next leg of the trip. You might choose to fly directly from Beijing, or take advantage of China’s brilliantly efficient trains to travel overland and stop in the futuristic metropolis of Shanghai along the way.

Step 5 : Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most fascinating and exhilarating destinations in the world, and this trip gives you plenty of time to explore its wonders. Take the tram to the top of Victoria Peak to enjoy sweeping views across the vertical skyline, thread your way through the thrumming street markets and back alleys of Kowloon, or seek the calm of nearby Lantau Island and its giant Buddha statue. It’s practically impossible to run out of things to see and do in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong skyline night

Step 6 : Yangon, Burma

When you’re finished in Hong Kong, it’s time to fly on to Yangon in Burma for the next organised tour of the trip. Burma has only recently opened up to tourism, making a tour the best way to experience this incredible country easily and safely.

The Classic Myanmar Adventure is 14 days of uncovering a country that feels truly untouched. You’ll experience the unforgettable imperial ruins of ancient Bagan, the serene floating gardens of Inle Lake, and the amazingly ornate palaces of Mandalay, as well as have plenty of opportunity to explore the wilderness at the heart of the country.

The tour begins and ends in Yangon, giving you all the time you want to explore Burma’s largest city before moving on to the next leg of your trip.

Step 7 : Yangon to New Delhi

After flying from Yangon to New Delhi in India, it’s time to join another tour to see the country’s famous Golden Triangle.

This offers the perfect introduction to three of India’s most impressive destinations: Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Over eight days you’ll see the Taj Mahal, take a sunrise balloon safari over Jaipur, and become immersed in Indian culture with heritage stays and exploring rich, historical city streets. India is a land of contrasts, and this jam-packed tour aims to help you make sense of it all through a series of unforgettable highlights.

Taj Mahal sunset

The Golden Triangle tour begins and ends in New Delhi, making it easy to move on to the last leg of your epic trip.

Step 8 : Trivandrum and Kerala

Flying south, you’ll arrive in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram), one of the most popular backpacker destinations in India. You’re free to explore the laid-back, compact capital city of Kerala however you wish. It’s an ideal location to hit a beach resort along the Malabar Coast and unwind at the end of your trip, try your hand at some yoga, or visit the numerous temples, museums, and gardens throughout the city.

Step 9 : Fly from Trivandrum to London

All that’s left is to fly back to London, a flight that takes roughly thirteen hours, giving you plenty of time to sleep and recuperate before you touch down back home.

Tour Map

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Region Asia, Europe, South East Asia
Country Burma, China, Mongolia, Russia


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