Outdoor Climbing Experiences

Climbing Outside

Outdoor climbing is challenging and a breathtaking work out. Out of all the extreme sports you can participate in on your gap year outdoor climbing is right up there in popularity. Climbing outside can take you to any continent in the world and the exceptional views you experience from the top are what makes it so worthwhile.

A popular option for those wishing to participate in outdoor climbing is ascending Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. One of the seven summits and the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro demands physical stamina and a definite positive attitude to successfully climb. Another option in South East Asia is Koh Tao, Thailand, renowned for its excellent rocks to climb. Surrounded by stunning jungle and coastline, Koh Tao climbs require physical strength and astute technical knowledge to finish successfully.

So whether you want to climb mountains, rocks or even cliff tops, outdoor climbing is a gap year staple sure to take your breath away.